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Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

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What the heck is glowing in this tardigrade's stomach? Original Image
Credit: Rafael Martín-Ledo

Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you'll discover incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Unfortunate Encounter

The barrel jellyfish is named for its massive size and silly-looking head, but it's rare for researchers to get up close and personal with one. Two divers in the U.K. recently had the chance.

[Full Story: Massive, Human-Size Jellyfish Stuns Divers Off the Coast of England]


Though it looks unnatural, this photo wasn't created with filters or Photoshop.

[Full Story: Gorgeous, Freaky Sunset Photo Looks Split Down the Middle]

Caught in Film

Scientists just captured the first-ever photo of a "spooky" quantum physics phenomenon.

[Full Story: 'Spooky' Quantum Entanglement Finally Captured in Stunning Photo]

Ancient Spiritual House

A celestial phenomenon is revealing underground structures.

[Full Story: A Mysterious, Cross-Shaped Structure Is Buried Underground in Russia. It Could Be One of the World's Oldest Churches.]

Miniscule Booty

It looks like buried treasure, but it might just be pieces of the tardigrade's own mouth.

[Full Story: Mysterious, Glowing Tardigrade May Have Swallowed Part of Its Own Mouth]

Longterm Effects

Radioactivity still lingers more than 60 years after atomic weapons, including the hydrogen bomb, were tested in the Marshall Islands.

[Full Story: The Marshall Islands Are 10 Times More 'Radioactive' Than Chernobyl]

Warming Ice

Greenland's ice sheet is sliding way more than previously thought, making it more vulnerable to a warming climate, according to a new study.

[Full Story: Greenland’s Superfast ‘Ice Slides’ Could Be Bad News for Climate Change]

Preserved Snack

An ancient lizard was a flying dinosaur's last meal.

[Full Story: Scientists Find an 'Exceptional Specimen' of a Cretaceous Lizard...Inside a Dinosaur's Belly]

Wild Ravioli

When a photo of Plinthaster dentatus went viral on Twitter last week, pasta-lovers did a double take — the sea star looked just like a piece of ravioli.

[Full Story: Don't Be Confused If This Starfish Makes Your Mouth Water]

Shocking Miss

A teenage boy had a knife-like shard of glass stuck in his face for weeks after he fainted into a window.

[Full Story: Teen Had a Shard of Glass Stuck in His Face for a Month Without Knowing It]

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